ren's emporium

links below to some of the html javascript 'games' i've made

-1. peletgame - made in bitsy over a couple days

1. webapp.html - a testbed for when I was starting to learn js

2. ballgame.html - like, a drawing app of some kind

3. mousegame.html - testing out some more real-time elements for game ideas

4. squaregame.html - an actual little game where you can get a score by clicking squares :)

5. blockgamewip.html - i wanted to make a game about stacking blocks. it didn't really go anywhere but I learned from the attempt

6. trianglegame.html - experimenting with block stacking and gravity led to me just playing around and making some guys

7. petgame.html - the guys reminded me of something like the flash classic duckgame so I added some elements to make it more like a pet simulator

8. egggame.html - I got really into the pet simulator idea and expanded it into a full thing and even a minigame

9. pinksquares.html - a cellular automata algorithm simulator. its not perfect but it took a lot of effort to get it to work at all so i'm happy

10. polygonate.html - experimental
thank u @theniallmc for testing my website and helping make it work