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ideas and concepts and etc that i came up with randomly or more likely was inspired by something else i read. but not specifically ripping anything off i prommy

Race of aliens that look like earth horses. They're intelligent but limited in technological capacity because they have hooves not hands. They've enslaved a weaker species of intelligent creatures from their planet to do all labour that requires finesse. They've pretty much domesticated this smaller species over millenia to be suited to their job. Wouldn't that be fucked up or what.

Biomechanical radiation poisoned and deformed mech. piloted by a little girl who found it abandonded and rotting underneath a frozen lake. Maybe she falls through the ice while exploring or something cliche like that. Maybe it gives her powers and the radiation is dangerous for her too or there's some secret reason why she's been chosen to pilot it, and she's immune to it's long term effects(Obvious pacific rim inspiritation is obvious). Set years after a alt-history WW2 that wages for much longer and bombed society back to the stone age. Twist: The mech was a nazi war machine and the reason why the girl can pilot it is because she's a genetic match for the pilot because she's a long lost descendant of. nevermind

what if there was a magical girl transformation sequence for turning into a clown

A species of tree that has convergently evolved with local species of megafauna to grow large sharp spikes for branches. The megafauna kills its prey by lifting them and impaling them on the branches of the trees, in turn, the trees obsorb some nutrients from the blood of the victims through it's bark.

what if lightbulbs had to blink

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